Ecological Education Programmes

Green Sod Ireland delivers ecological education programmes in a number of counties across Ireland

primary schools biodiversity education ireland STORY OF THE UNIVERSE


The Story of the Universe fosters an understanding in children of our place in the Universe, how it began, and how bacteria, plants, animals, land and sea evolved and emerged over time. All life has intrinsic value is inter-connected and inter-dependent.

BEE AWARE (Primary Schools)

A bee-friendly action programme that is designed to support Ireland’s bee assemblage, working in
conjunction with the All Ireland Pollinator Plan/National Biodiversity Data Centre: it raises awareness of the importance of bees as pollinators, and how we can help protect them.

primary school BEE AWARE education ireland

Green Sod Ireland’s education initiatives not only promote a deep understanding of nature, but also a deep experience of nature.

biodiverse transition year students greensod ireland educational programmes

BE BIODIVERSE (Transition Year Students)

This is a Green Sod Ireland’s Global Citizenship Education Programme that promotes a deep awareness of environmental and social justice issues, encouraging an eco-centric perspective on the issues being explored. The programme engages students to reflect on and explore their role as empowered active citizens, encouraging them to take a more proactive role in the preservation of Nature.

CONNECT (Transition Year Students)

This programme helps students recognise the intrinsic value of nature, not merely as an academic exercise but rather as a vital aspect of biodiversity conservation. Recognition of intrinsic value entails an obligation act for what is right and good.

Students explore their role as empowered active citizens, encouraging them to take a more proactive role in the preservation of Nature. It offers them a platform to creatively investigate methods of engaging with their own personal and collective sense of place in the web of life and the world in which we live.

Transition Year Students educational programme biodiversity ireland
live sustainably what does it mean adults educational course greensod ireland


This Adult Education Programme is an inter-active workshop that reaches out to adult community groups, such as, Residents Associations, ICA, Men’s Sheds, Active Retirement Groups, Eco-congregations, Tidy Towns and more.

The aim is to raise awareness, promoting individual responsibility for our actions. In making everyday decisions, such as what to eat, where to shop, how to travel etc., we often consider other people and how they might be affected by our decisions – this programme goes a step further encouraging us to consider how our daily choices may affect the environment, the climate and other species also.